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The bands are placed in an alphabetical order. This section includes representatives of all possible thrash metal sub-genres: the Bay Area, the German school, technical thrash, progressive thrash, power/thrash, speed/thrash, modern 90's post-thrash, death/thrash, black/thrash, crossover/thrash, heavy/thrash, etc. The purpose of this website is not only to include the classic and modern thrash metal bands, but also a certain number of bands whose spell with the genre had been short-lived throughout their career (a demo, an EP, or a full-length release). The information presented consists of: 1) the band name; 2) the country of origin; 3) a review of the band which includes: music style, background, effect/influence on the thrash metal scene, short history (if there is any) and evaluation (in most cases). The reviews vary from short one-liners (short-lived and not very significant bands) to a more detailed description of a few sentences, and even several paragraphs (the more prominent and longer-lasting ones). Reviews which begin with: "based on...", and are followed by an album (or an EP/demo) title, are based on this only band's work meaning that I am not in the possession of any other release of the same band, and can't give an account on what happens on their other efforts; 4) discography; 5) links to the bands' official sites, My Space pages, or other web sources which contain pieces of information/mp3 files/reviews/interviews/biography/etc.

I have excluded the demo works from the discographies of the bands who have official releases except on the occasions when those same demos are essential to the band's overall impact on the scene (Moshquito, Flaming Anger). The demos are present only on the discographies of the bands who never managed to reach the official release stage. The discographies of bands who have released thrash metal albums only in the beginning (Rage, Loudblast, Agressor), the middle (Korrozia Metalla), or the last stages (After All) of their careers, are not complete including only the period which is related to thrash metal.

I apologize again for the flaws and shortcomings you might encounter on these pages, but I will do my best to make this website better looking in the days (or maybe months, or even years) to come. There are missing pieces of information about bands where I will be looking forward to receiving help from you. Thank you in advance!

Special thanks go to Nikolai Medarov- a Bulgarian thrash metal maniac from Sofia who provided me with very obscure bands in order to make this guide more complete.

I would also like to thank Jose Miguel- another big metal fan from Spain whose huge collection is an endless supply of unknown thrash metal gems.

Another metal fan who is worth mentioning on these pages is Robb Riekki from the USA whose big collection of obscure demos has introduced me to many very good, but barely known, bands.

And let's not forget Raucherbein from Croatia who probably has one of the most extensive metal collections among which really rare gems could be dug out.

Thanks to Joachim Gislao from Denmark as well who came up with a bunch of not very known Danish, above all, acts which further added to the underground appeal of this site.

Hats down to Ben Tosh from the USA, too, whose nice collection of barely known underground bands has been a nice deviation for these ears from the constant wave of modern acts "floating" around.

One more name should be added to this list: Alessandro di Matteo from Italy who came up with a few rare items which were considered lost treasures; not anymore.

Copyright (c) 2007-2018 THE THRASH METAL GUIDE